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PEX & YAY Detangle 'n' Style Brush

PEX & YAY Detangle 'n' Style Brush

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The PEX & YAY Detangle 'n' Style Brush has a half round brush head to perfectly sculpt and shape curls for all lengths of hair. 

For those that suffer with a tender scalp, the natural rubber cushion head of our brush is really effective for a scalp massage. Say goodbye to tangles and hello to beautifully styled curls.

With 9 rows of perfectly smooth, rounded end pins, you can be sure that when you style your curls, you will finish with the volume and definition that you desire. The PEX & YAY Detangle 'n' Style Brush glides easily through all types of waves, curls and coils, giving you the definition that you require. The other amazing thing about the PEX & YAY Detangle 'n' Style Brush is that you can dismantle it and remove rows to create fewer, more widely-spaced rows, depending on how you'd like to style your curls. This means less tension is placed on the hair which is gentler to the hair shaft and to sensitive scalps. The wider rows can help to create larger curl clumps too if that’s your goal.

The detachable head is great for cleaning, eliminating bacteria and product buildup, and the longer ergonomic handle is even better for comfort and grip when styling.

Height 21.7cm



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