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@jazzycurlss's Journey: A Vision for the Future of the Curly Hair Community

In this blog, we asked @jazzycurlss, a curly hair enthusiast and advocate, to discuss her hopes and visions for the future of curly hair. @jazzycurlss shares her thoughts on how she believes the future can better support and celebrate people with curly hair, breaking down the barriers and embracing the diversity and beauty of curls. With her passion and expertise in the curly hair community, @jazzycurlss provides valuable insights and a refreshing perspective on the importance of embracing and empowering those with curly hair. Get ready to be inspired and learn more about what the future holds for the curly hair community. 

Question 1.) What do you hope to see in the future for the curly hair community?

I hope to see more parents learning techniques themselves to then teach their children from an early age to avoid heat damage & an unhealthy relationship with their hair. I’d also like to see products being more accessible, it is definitely improving but it would be nice if you could go to any local store & have a variety to choose from! 

Question 2.) How do you think the beauty industry can better support and celebrate people with curly hair?

I have noticed that a lot of movies show the curly, frizzy hair as the before, and the smooth blow out as the after. This shouldn’t be the case! Curly hair is extremely normal and should also be celebrated as beautiful.  

Question 3.) What is your favourite thing about having curly hair?

My favourite thing about having curly hair is that it looks different each wash day. You can focus on volume or definition depending on the look that you are going for. I also love that I’m not having to rely on a hair straightener anymore! Curly hair is definitely a personality trait🤣🫶🏽

In conclusion, our conversation with @jazzycurlss highlights the importance of embracing and empowering those with curly hair. Her hopes for the future serve as a reminder of the progress that still needs to be made in order to fully celebrate the beauty and diversity of curly hair. @jazzycurlss's insights and perspectives offer a valuable contribution to the curly hair community and inspire us to continue the work towards a more inclusive and supportive future. We hope that this blog will not only educate, but also encourage and motivate individuals to embrace their curls and be proud of their unique and beautiful hair.
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