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Embracing Your Natural Curls: @eline_knipt_krullen's Inspiring Journey and How the Curl Industry Has Evolved

Do you struggle with embracing your natural curls? Are you tired of trying to tame your frizz and fighting your hair's natural texture? If so, you're not alone. Many people with curls have had a love-hate relationship with their hair at some point in their lives.

However, there is hope and it starts with learning to love and appreciate your curls. In this blog, we will hear from @eline_knipt_krullen, a woman who has been on a journey to embrace her natural curls and share her thoughts on what inspired her to do so. She will also share how the curl industry has changed since she first started her journey and how it has made it easier for people to embrace their curls. Get ready to be inspired and learn more about the power of embracing your natural curls!

Question 1: What inspired you to embrace your natural curls?

I never learned how to take care of my natural hair, it always seemed frizzy and unmanageable. I used to always straighten it. During covid lockdown I decided, since I was not going out of the house anyway, to experiment with my natural hair. I wanted to get it healthy and voluminous again. 3 years later and here I am, happier than ever with my curls!

Question 2: How has the curly hair industry changed since you first started your journey?

When I just started to take care of my own and others curls, curly hair was not a big thing yet. Now and then, some influencers came popping up on my instagram feed, talking about their hair but not a lot. I notice that since then, curly hair is becoming more accepted, people WANT their hair curly. The stereoptype that only straight hair is feminine and professional is finally dissapearing. The curly community is growing and I cannot express how happy I am with that!

Question 3: Do you have any advice for people who are just starting to embrace their natural curls?

Go one step at a time. The amount of info there is, is huge. Try not to get overwhelmed or discouraged but try to include extra steps in your routine one by one.  Find a routine that you think you can stick to! Your hair will not look perfect from the moment you start taking care of it, but when you are consistent, results will show over time! A little tip: take some pictures along your journey to keep yourself motivated. You might not see the difference now but when you compare pictures you will see it!  

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