The Future of the Curly Hair Industry: @wavy_curly_t

The Future of the Curly Hair Industry: @wavy_curly_t

Welcome to our blog post on the curly hair industry and the future of curls! We had the pleasure of speaking with @wavy_curly_t, a curl enthusiast and industry insider, about her thoughts on the future of the curly hair industry. In this post, we'll share some of @wavy_curly_t's insights and her personal experiences with embracing her natural curls. @wavy_curly_t has a lot to say on the subject and we can't wait for you to read further.

Question 1: What do you hope to see in the future for the curly hair community?

Answer: I would love to see more people wearing and loving their natural hair texture. I love how supportive this community is and the advice we all have for one another and I hope that it will continue and get even better over time. I do hope to see less people talk down on certain hair types, like one is more superior than the next, because it's not. Everyone just wants to love what they have and this should always be the main goal in the community.

Question 2: How do you think the beauty industry can better support and celebrate people with curly hair?

Answer: Beauty industries can better support our ladies by providing steps to one's routine and explaining products better and what or how they should be used. I also feel that more emphasis should be directed to the routine of application itself instead of advertising and launching new products all of the time. Many women try a product once and feel it has not worked and simply move to the next thing they see being advertised, which is wasteful.

Question 3: What is your favourite thing about having curly hair?

Answer: My favourite thing about my wavy/curly hair is that it is unique, no two strands are the same and no ones curly hair is the same as the next persons. I feel special having the hair type that I do, which is something I have now fully accepted. I hope to help others feel the same.

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