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Embracing Natural Curls: Insights from Curly Hair Advocate @burque_boucle

We recently reached out to @burque_boucle, a curly hair enthusiast and advocate, to ask her some questions about the future of curly hair and how the beauty industry can better support and celebrate people with curly hair. Through our conversation, @burque_boucle shared valuable insights and experiences that we believe will be of interest to our readers. In this post, we'll be sharing some of the highlights of our conversation with her. So, whether you have curly hair yourself or are just curious about the topic, keep reading to discover what @burque_boucle had to say!

Q1) What do you hope to see in the future for the curly community?

I hope to see all hair textures accepted, celebrated and lifted up! There are so many beautiful curls, kinks, coils and waves and they are ALL beautiful and gorgeous. It seems that there are “curl police” telling others what textures are curls or not curls or how some textures “aren’t real” or are “forced” with products. If I have leaned anything over the last few years of this journey is that hair and our texture seems to be in constant evolution, changing and evolving based on hormones, season, somatic health etc. Let’s embrace and celebrate the infinite textures and porosities each person’s head presents rather than judge and compare!

Q2) How do you think the industry can better support and celebrate people with curly hair?

Over the last few years it’s been so great to see the curly hair industry grow, both with amazing products, curly creators and consultations to support and educate and services such as virtual curly cuts. I’d love to see the beauty industry support the overall process of curly hair, and that it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or draining (financially, emotionally, time wise). At the beginning of my journey it was beyond overwhelming- the rules, the products, the advice. I found out fairly late in my journey how important a solid, healthy set of products is, as well as HOW those products are applied and the HOW the hair is styled. It would be great to streamline and simplify, helping to build a solid, healthy hair foundation especially for new curlies. I love how so many of the curly creators are helping to dispel a lot of the “myths” around curly haircare and what “should” be done!

Q3) What is your favourite thing about having curly hair?

What is your favourite thing about having curly hair?
My favorite thing about having curly hair is how it has helped me on my journey toward self-love and self-acceptance. I have learned to be curious and open to my hair, rather than being judgmental and comparing myself and my progress to others. It has helped me learn about myself, what what my hair needs and how to listen to it. Everyday is a different day with curly hair, some amazing and some full of frizz and non-cooperation and this has led me to be more accepting and gentle of myself. Even my daily haircare routine has become a very important daily aspect of my self-care and mental health. Embracing my curls has given me the courage to be myself in other areas of my life, to be authentic and to accept and celebrate all my quirks and uniqueness! As a busy mom, wife and teacher, anytime I can give myself that love, time and care is so important.
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